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Our Services at a Glance

IC-DISC Incorporation and Implementation

  • Incorporate and structure IC-DISCs to provide the maximum federal tax savings while remaining non-invasive to your clients’ daily operations.
  • Compile IRS Election to be an IC-DISC (Form 4876-A) for timely filing with the Internal Revenue Service.
  • Prepare IC-DISC Related Supplier Agreement

Annual IC-DISC Compliance

  • Monitor and evaluate your clients’  IC-DISCs to ensure IC-DISC is in full compliance in all areas such as qualification of export sales, timing of commission payments and dividends as well as other required IRS filings.
  • Compile IRC §861 Allocation and Apportionment Analysis to maximize Combined Taxable Income (CTI).
  • Prepare IRS Form 1120-IC-DISC, Schedules P for all IC-DISC qualified transactions, and all other related schedules for timely and accurate filing with the Internal Revenue Service.

Transaction-by-Transaction Optimization using ETM’s proprietary software application

  • Utilize all Intercompany Pricing methods such as product and product-line marginal costing, 4% of Gross Receipts special rules, loss optimization as well as all other methods to ensure that you receive the greatest federal income tax savings from your IC-DISC.
  • Provide the most comprehensive reports and documentation and analysis available so you and your clients fully understand the IC-DISC process as well as the results.

IRS and State Taxation Authorities Examination Representation

  • Represent your clients throughout any audit and/or examination process up to and including the appeals process.